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About Khujand

Place in Sughd, Tajikistan

Khujand (Tajik: Хуҷанд, romanized: Xujand; Uzbek: Xo‘jand/Хўжанд; Persian: خجند‌‎, romanized: Xojand), sometimes spelled Khodjent and known as Leninabad (Tajik: Ленинобод, romanized: Leninobod; Persian: لنین‌آباد‌‎, romanized: Leninâbâd) from 1936 to 1991, is the second-largest city of Tajikistan and the capital of Tajikistan's northernmost province, Sughd. Khujand is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, dating back about 2,500 years. Situated on the Syr Darya river at the mouth of the Fergana Valley, Khujand was a major city along the ancient Silk Road. Captured by Alexander the Great in 329 BCE, it has been part of various empires in history, including the Umayyad Caliphate (8th century), the Mongol Empire (13th century) and the Russian empire (19th century). Today, the majority of its population are ethnic Tajiks and the city is close to the present borders of both Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. .... Learn more at Wikipedia

Transportation in Khujand

Khujand Airport has regularly scheduled flights to Dushanbe as well as several cities in Russia. There is also a rail connection between Khujand and Samarkand in Uzbekistan on the way to Dushanbe. The city is connected by road to Panjakent in the Zeravshan River Valley as well as Dushanbe via the Anzob Tunnel. The 5-km tunnel, located 80 km northwest of Dushanbe and built with assistance from Iran, is also a transit route between Dushanbe and the Uzbek capital of Tashkent. Previously, particularly during cold seasons, the lack of a direct link between northern and southern Tajikistan often led to disruptions of commercial activities in the region

Name Khujand
Long Name Khujand, Tajikistan
Region Sughd Province
Country Tajikistan
Map Open Map

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